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Changes to Case Data Uploads - Remote Examinations

Published:13 August 2020

On the 23rd March MedCo introduced a series of temporary measures to help during the Covid-19 pandemic.  These included the lifting of the ban on remote video examinations.

Due to the ongoing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic it is likely there will be some time where there will be both face to face and remote video examinations.

Consequently, the Board of MedCo would like to start collecting data as part of the case data upload methods to monitor and review the use of remote video examinations.

What is changing?

A new field is being added to the case data upload methods to capture whether an examination was remote.

More details can be found in the new Data Validation Document.  

When is the change happening?

The change is effective for case data uploaded on or after 18 September 2020.


What does this mean for me?

  • If you upload case data via your account using the manual method, there will be a new additional drop-down box that asks if the examination was remote. Simply complete the field as part of your regular manual uploads. An updated 'How to Guide' effective from 18 September can be found here.  
  • If you upload using the bulk csv file, a new column has been inserted.  The new column F , that is mandatory, asks the question whether the examination was remote (answer Yes “0” or No “1”)  A new template CSV file for use for uploads on or after 18 September 2020 can be found here. Please note, as an extra column has been added, injury data will now start in column H.

Additional information for CSV bulk users:

  • The new CSV file must be used for all CSV uploads on or after 18 September 2020
  • All CSV Uploads made using the existing file will be cleared by 18 September 2020
  • Any errors returned on an existing CSV file will need to be uploaded using the new template.
  • It is not necessary to backfill any existing uploads with details of the remote examinations. The new field applies to cases uploaded on or after 18 September 2020


If you have any enquiries please contact our helpdesk [email protected]

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