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Published: 23 March 2020


Having considered a number of issues which have been raised by our Users in recent weeks together with the rapid development of Government policy and advice, the MedCo board has decided to introduce temporary measures during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The overriding importance is that Claimants’ needs are met and these measures are intended to assist Users to continue to operate and provide a service.   However, MedCo accepts that there are likely to be delays in providing medical reports as it is essential that experts prioritise their NHS work and their wider general public duties.

It is hoped that the measures will also go some way towards easing the financial impact for our Users.

The MedCo board will continue to closely monitor developments and further announcements will be made as and when necessary.

**Remote medical examinations**

Following discussions with the Ministry of Justice, the Board has agreed the current ban on the use of remote examinations will be lifted.  However, there are a number of conditions, and other factors, which Users will need to consider before making any arrangements with claimants for a remote “examinations”.  Further details are set out in a separate notice. **Read full details here** (link updated 3 July 2020).  It is essential that Users study and comply with those requirements.

Annual Renewal Fees

  • Those MROs whose fees become due on or after 6th April should delay making payment until further notice.
  • Those MROs who have already paid renewal fees due on 6th April will be contacted direct in due course.
  • Further information on payment of annual renewal fees for MROs will be published shortly.
  • DMEs will still be required to pay their renewal fee of £300 on the due dates until further notice.

Audit and New Registrations

  • All audit visits will be suspended with immediate effect
  • No new MRO registration applications will be accepted until further notice
  • The processing of existing applications will be suspended with immediate effect
  • New registrations for DMEs/IMEs and AUTs will continue to be accepted

Education and Training

The annual CPD requirement for medical experts to be completed by 1st June 2020 will be suspended until further notice.

MedCo Enquiries

During the Coronavirus threat MedCo will be operating with reduced resources. Users are therefore urged to limit enquiries to essential issues only.  Our aim will be to deal with enquiries with a common trend by way of regular updates to the website.

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