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REMOTE EXAMINATIONS UPDATE - – Guidance for Claimants

Published: 3 June 2021

Please note an updated version of the Remote Examination Conditions has today been published (version 6.0)

In light of the ability of claimants to pursue their own claims via Official Injury Claims, the condition relation to the obtaining of legal advice before agreeing to a remote examination has been amended to read as follows;

  • When informing a claimant of the option for a remote video examination the expert should include all pertinent information, including ensuring that the claimant has taken legal advice or has been provided with a copy of the Guidance on remote examinations for claimants before agreeing.

The Guidance on remote examinations for claimants, published by MedCo, can be found in the Document Library of the MedCo website by using the filter by category Remote Examinations or by using the following link:


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