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Release Update

24 May 2024

The release date for our technical refresh project will be Friday 7th June 2024.  This communication will provide you with information about the availability of the MedCo service and what it means for you.


From 5pm on Friday 7th June, the system will be unavailable whilst we implement the changes. It is anticipated that the release will be completed on the same evening and the system made available by Saturday 8 June.


Following implementation, all users will be required to reset their password and security question.  This will be an automatic process and will be triggered the first-time users log in following the implementation.


The process will also trigger the multi factor authentication (MFA), meaning the first time you log in with your new password you will receive a code via email to enter as part of the log in process.  Only one MFA code will be required the first time you log in each day.


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