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Operational reminder for Medical Experts - Causation

Published: 10 March 2022

One of MedCo’s aims is to ensure the quality of medical legal reports produced by its accredited Medical Experts.


To achieve this, MedCo regularly reviews samples of reports that are being produced as well as act on feedback provided by users and stakeholders.


Recently, it has come to MedCo’s attention that some experts are reporting on non-whiplash injuries sustained in accidents without explaining the mechanism of injury.  This type of concern has also been identified when conducting routine quality assessments of reports and MedCo felt that it should remind its report providers of the importance in providing this and all other essential information when producing reports.


Claimants do of course sometimes sustain injuries to their limbs, upper torso or head or face, and while the claimant and his representatives may well know how these injuries were sustained, it will not be obvious to the compensator unless it is explained in the medical report.  Experts must make sure that they obtain the relevant information from the claimant during the examination and explain clearly in reports how the injury was sustained in the accident.


Failing to record full and accurate information in relation to all injuries can lead to delays or issues in settling claims as well as raise concerns regarding the quality of reports being produced by particular experts.

Where report quality issues are identified, MedCo addresses the concerns with specific experts involved. This can include asking experts to complete additional/refresher training and where necessary detailed quality assessments of reports can be undertaken.


If in doubt, please revisit the MedCo accreditation material in the Law and Procedure module and Medical Report Writing Refresher and Update CPD module.

For support and information contact: [email protected]

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