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MedCo Case References and Closed Cases

Eshot to users: 1 June 2020

Published: 10 June 2020


MedCo provides Direct Medical Experts (DMEs) and Medical Report Organisations (MROs) with the facility to close cases.  This can be completed by either uploading case data following an examination or by choosing to manually close a case as a formal instruction/examination is no longer being progressed.      Fulfilling instructions against a MedCo reference received after a case has been manually closed means that case data cannot be uploaded by the DME or MRO and it is not possible for MedCo to verify a MedCo case.


Where a case is manually closed there is a 14 day window within which it may be re-opened.   


In the event that formal instructions/or a request to progress with an examination arrives after the 14 day window, DMEs or MROs should not progress with the MedCo case and the Authorised User should conduct a second search.  Authorised users must also make contemporaneous records of the reason why a second search was necessary as per the MedCo Rules v3 (updated 6 April 2022).


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