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DME Audit - Common findings document

16 November 2023

In 2023, MedCo commenced a programme of auditing that included, for the first time, registered Direct Medical Experts (DMEs).

The purpose of the auditing is to evaluate a DMEs processes, systems and operations to determine compliance and understanding with key elements as detailed in the DME User Agreement, MedCo Rules and Policy documents and other areas such as the Examination Guidelines as well as general use of the MedCo system.

The audit process that is followed can be found in the Medical Expert Audit Guide. Auditing of DME’s will continue throughout the remainder of 2023 and will carry over in to 2024.

To help experts prepare for auditing, and to serve as a reminder of the obligations and requirements, MedCo have identified common findings that have arisen from audits completed to date and these are set out in the DME Audit Common findings document.

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