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Published: 26 March 2021


An issue has recently been identified regarding “cross border/international” remote examinations. 


Bearing in mind the data protection requirements set out in the user agreement, it should be noted that medical experts who are based outside the UK jurisdiction, whether temporarily or permanently, are not permitted to undertake remote examinations for the purposes of a MedCo report.  However, where a claimant is temporarily outside of the jurisdiction, medical experts based in the UK can undertake examinations remotely. 


To avoid any possible challenge to the validity of the medical report it is recommended that the relevant compensator is informed prior to any medical report fees being incurred.


The Government has set out a roadmap for the easing of the Covid restrictions.  It is important to understand that decisions made for easing restrictions on the “key dates” will be based on the evidence available to the Government at that time.  Consequently the MedCo board has decided that the current guidance on remote examinations will remain in force until further notice.  A copy of the latest version of the remote examinations can be found here (updated 6 April 2022 to ver 7)

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