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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - Remote Examinations and Practising Addresses - 25 March 2020

Published: 25 March 2020


Recently MedCo lifted the ban on remote examinations. 

It is understood that a number of medical report providers have indicated a wish to expand their practices by offering examinations by “Skype” in additional address postcodes to their currently registered practising addresses.

It was not MedCo’s intention to provide a convenient means for medical report providers to expand their practices.   Claimant’s should continue to be referred to an expert who has an existing local consulting venue registered with MedCo.  All appointments should be offered with a view to convenience to the claimant.  As soon as the suspension of the ban ceases all appointments must be capable of being transferred to face to face meetings.

MedCo will be closely monitoring the situation and, if necessary, has the ability to take further action against any User in the event of any identified abuse in breach of the MedCo Rules and/or Ethics policy.  This could result in a suspension or termination of the User’s agreement.

Read the Remote Examination conditions... (link updated 3 July 2020)

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