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Before you register

All new MedCo MROs must submit an application to register and go through an Audit process. 

Your organisation must also be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and provide a valid ICO number which we will verify with the ICO register of fee payers. If you do not have an ICO registration, you can find out how to register on the ICO website www.ico.org.uk

All Medical Reporting Organisation applications are processed on the basis that it is an application to receive and accept work from represented claimants; ie selections and subsequent formal instructions are received from solicitors and other such legal representatives.

Official Injury Claims - On completion of a successful registration to receive and accept work from represented claimants, operational Medical Reporting Organisation may choose to apply to opt-in to receive and accept work from unrepresented claimants via the Official Injury Claims service.  This is subject to an additional audit and fee.  For more information about what this means read our update. Read more...  


It is important that you also consider the steps below in detail before you submit your application. 



Step 1: Read the Ministry of Justice Qualifying Criteria (QC) and MedCo Guidance

The provision of good quality independent medical evidence in support of road traffic accident (RTA) related soft tissue injury claims is an important strand of the Government’s reform programme for the personal injury sector.  Consequently, the MoJ have set qualifying criteria that is intended to ensure that all medical reporting organisations (MROs) registered with MedCo are properly constituted businesses with satisfactory systems and sufficient resources in place to operate to the minimum required standards.    It is important that you read and understand the criteria.

Please note: The Qualifying Criteria states MROs must have a minimum of 2 years trading history as an MRO providing MedCo compliant medical reports before they can apply to become a High Volume National (Tier 1) MRO.  Therefore, all new applications will be treated as a Regional (Tier 2) application.

Read the Qualifying Criteria For Medical Reporting Organisations – February 2021


MedCo have also published Guidance and a technical data aid document to help MRO organisations understand the QC. The aim of these documents is to clarify the approach that MedCo takes to the interpretation of the QC and to assist MROs in understanding and what is required to meet them.


Step 2: Read the requirement to declare direct Financial Links

All MRO users of MedCo must declare any direct financial links they have that meet the Ministry of Justice statement on direct financial links. 

Read the full statement and definition on Direct Financial Links


Step 3: Read the MRO Pre-registration User Agreement and Audit Process

All new MRO applications must sign a Pre-registration User Agreement and go through an Audit process. The agreement sets out the obligations of the MRO and MedCo to cover the time period within which the Audit of the new application takes place.  The Audit Process sets out the approach, timescales and possible outcomes.  On the successful passing of a new registration Audit an MRO will be required to sign the Operational MRO User Agreement.

Read the Audit Process document

Read the MRO Pre-registration User Agreement

Read the MRO User Agreement



Step 4: Read the MedCo Charging Policy

New MRO Audit applications are subject to an Audit fee, the details of which are set out in the MedCo Charging Policy.  The fee is payable in advance of an Audit and is non-refundable in the event of an unsuccessful application.  If the application is successful, the MRO is subject to the relevant MRO charges as set out in the Charging policy. 

Read the MedCo Charging Policy

Read the MedCo Charging Policy - new charges effective from 6 April 2024



Step 5: – Submit an application to register and request a Pre-registration User Agreement

Having read and understood the steps above please download and complete an application form and request a Pre-registration user agreement to sign.

Download a new MRO Application form (Excel .xlsx version)

Download a new MRO Application form (Word .docx version)


Please send the completed application form to [email protected]



Next steps

Upon receipt of a completed application form, MedCo will carry out basic checks in line with the Audit Process.  Upon satisfactory completion of the basic checks,  you will be contacted in order to sign a Pre-registration User Agreement. 

Once the agreement has been signed by both parties and the relevant Audit fee has been paid a member of the Audit team will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the Audit/preliminary fact finding to take place.





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