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Remote Examinations Update

Published: 26 July 2023

In July 2022 the ban on remote examinations was reinstated with a limited exception for claimants who remained vulnerable due to Covid-19.

Now that all Covid-19 related restrictions have been lifted by the government, MedCo has decided that the limited exception for remote examinations will also be removed and the full ban on the use of remote examinations reinstated with immediate effect.

In exceptional circumstances where a claimant remains vulnerable to covid-19 or any other circumstances, it is recommended parties liaise with and agree a way forward with the compensator. 

Experts are required, if carrying out a remote examination because the claimant is vulnerable due to Covid-19 or any other reason, to record in their report the nature of the claimant’s vulnerability and why that has resulted in the examination being carried out remotely.

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