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We're making some changes

Published: 2 May 2024

As part of our technical refresh project we will shortly be implementing a number of changes. Whilst the majority of changes relate to the IT infrastructure and security we have included a number of changes that have been requested by users.

The purpose of this communication is to provide a summary of the changes.  As we near completion of the development we will provide more information relating to the release date and what you need to do to get ready.


Summary of Changes


All users

Muti Factor Authentication (MFA)

To increase security we will be introducing multi factor authentication (MFA).  This will apply to all users and will work by sending a one time code to the registered email address the first time you log in each day.  Therefore it is important all users ensure their registered email addresses are up to date and accessible.  


Medical Reporting Organisations Only

1. Manage Medical Specialist Experts

Following feedback, we’re making changes to the way in which MROs manage the medical specialist expert panel. 

The new changes will enable MRO users to change the Manage Medical Specialist default table setting to view 50, 100, 150, 200  or ALL experts.   In addition, there will also be the function to download the full list of medical specialists as a CSV file that will list experts name, professional id and status thereby allowing MROs to filter by status.

We are also changing the way you add a medical specialist to a panel.  All that will be required going forward is the expert professional identification number (GMC or HCPC). We are removing the need to include a first and last name field.   From the professional identification number we will search and match the expert with one central index of all accredited medical experts.  This will apply to both the manual and bulk upload CSV method of uploads.  A new template CSV file will be made available to download and use.

2. New MRO user profile

We are creating a new user profile for MROs called Manage Medical Specialist.

This user will have a limited access to an MRO account and will only be able to manage the list of experts on a panel (upload and remove experts manually or via CSV bulk upload) and do a Medical Expert Enquiry to check if an experts operational status.

3. Non-operational/withdrawn medical experts.

We are also amending the functionality to allow MRO users to upload case data for medical experts on their panel who are no longer operational with MedCo. If the expert was operational on the case selection date in MedCo, i.e. the date the MRO was selected as the medical report provider for a case the upload will be successful.


Medical Reporting Organisations and Direct Medical Experts

1.Case Data Uploads – New/Amended Injury Types

We will be adding a new injury type to the list available and making changes to 2 of the exiting injury types. The changes are listed below.

  • Senses e.g. hearing, sight, taste, touch, smell (NEW Injury type)
  • Arm/Elbow (AMEND – was previously Arm only)
  • Shoulder    (AMEND – was previously Discrete Shoulder Injury)

The manual case data entry method via the website will automatically include the new injury types from go live date. However, users who upload in bulk using the CSV will need to ensure they enter data using the new template that will be made available for the release date.

2. Case Data Uploads – Confirmation message

When entering case data via the website, we will now display a pop-up message to ask ‘Are you sure you want to save this data?’ before you save and close the file.

3. Batch case closures

We are adding a new function that will allow MROs and DMEs to close cases, for reasons other than case data upload, in bulk using a CSV that is separate to the current case data bulk upload facility.

In the Bulk Case Uploads function a new template will be available that you can download and update to add cases and select reason codes to denote the reason why you are closing the case. A new How to guide will be published ready for go live.


Authorised Users

Search API

Included in the release will be a service that will allow an authorised user organisation to make a call, via API, from case management tools to MedCo to search for and select a  Medical Report Provider  (DME or MRO).

To use the service there will be a requirement for users to follow an onboarding pack.   More information regarding the onboarding procedure will be published following the completion of testing and release date.

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