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Notification of Medical Expert annual CPD hours 2022 to 2023

Published 9 June 2022

Since 01 June 2019, all accredited operational experts are automatically enrolled into the MedCo Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme on an annual basis.  

As well as encouraging continual development, the programme will provide MedCo the opportunity to introduce new modules where relevant and ensure the training reflects the current requirements in Medico-Legal reporting.

For new medical experts the annual CPD requirement starts at the beginning of the first CPD academic year following completion of the accreditation. (For example, if accreditation training was completed in Nov 2021, the CPD requirement will commence from 1 June 2022). You will be automatically enrolled.

All Experts are responsible for maintaining their own accredited status by completing the annual CPD requirement.

Important Note: If you are currently suspended for failing to complete the 2021/2022 CPD requirement, please note that the period allowed to catch up the shortfall has changed and is now 6 months.   This is also reflected in the updated MedCo Policies document published 9 June 2022.


CPD hours required for 2022 – 2023

The MedCo CPD academic year runs from 01 June to 31 May each year.

The MedCo Board have confirmed that the CPD requirement for the academic year June 2022 to May 2023 for Medical Experts will be 6 hours.


Modules available

There are a number of modules available designed by the MedCo Education and Training Committee on a range of relevant subjects for you to select and complete.   

You are able to choose between the modules until you have fulfilled the 6-hour CPD requirement.  You are also able to repeat any courses that you completed in the last CPD period if you choose.

Please note that it may be necessary on occasion for MedCo to introduce mandatory module(s) during the academic year which you will be required to complete even if you have already completed the required 6 hours.  Mandatory Modules may cover issues such as changes in legislation or key issues affecting Medico legal reporting.  These will be kept to a minimum.  There are not any compulsory module requirements at the moment.

CPD modules do not have to be completed in any particular order and all existing accreditation and CPD course material is available for you to reference at any time. 

To access the training material, log on to your MedCo account and select the Training option that is available on your home page.   You will see your training record and all the modules that are available to you.  Joining instructions for each module will be self-explanatory on your training record.   As you progress through your CPD your record will update, and you will be able to see how much training you have completed and how much is outstanding.  All experts receive periodic reminders via email on the status of their CPD progress. 

Please note that once you have met your annual requirement, any additional modules completed will not be counted as part of your CPD.

CPD hours cannot be carried over from one academic year to another.  This applies even if the selections you have made take you over the required 6 hours.

Certificates are not issued for the completion of CPD.


What happens if I do not complete all my annual CPD hours in the academic year June - May?

If you do not complete the required CPD hours, your MedCo status will be suspended meaning you will no longer be able to receive instructions to carry out the first fix cost medical report in RTA soft tissue injury claims.

You will remain suspended until the CPD shortfall has been made up.

Shortfall CPD hours will not count towards the current year CPD requirement. Once you have completed the shortfall you will still need to complete the CPD requirement for the current year.

If you fail to complete outstanding CPD hours within 6 months after the end of the academic year of the shortfall you will be withdrawn from the MedCo system. 

Once you have been withdrawn from the MedCo system you will not be reinstated. You will have to reapply.  This will mean starting the full registration and accreditation process again from the beginning.


Information and FAQs can be found:


Accreditation and CPD FAQs 


For support and information contact: [email protected]


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